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How can something as simple as music awaken us?  

Music is the language of vibration that can waken us to the deeper depths within us. 

We are influenced by music because we are wired this way.  Music is who we are. 
Since ancient times, music has been a gift for transforming the spirit and emotions, and for activating and awakening the fine-tuned aspects of the prefrontal cortex of the brain.  


We live in a vibrating universe.  What is more powerful than vibration? 

Music is the language of vibration - a hidden secret under our noses that carries much power in the changes and transformation and upgrading of our lives and awareness.


What kind of music are you listening to?  

When you listen to the music you've always listened to

you will get the consciousness you've always had. 

When you change the music, your life will change.



Transform your self awareness

with transformative therapeutic music. 


Since 1984 Transformative Therapeutic Music has been utilized 

for promoting health, well being and wholeness.



People often say, "This is no ordinary music!"

Face the Music is designed to promote health and well being. 
Since the 1980s we have been dedicated to producing music

for transforming body, mind, and spirit.  

There is just one catch: The music doesn't work unless you listen to it.

We challenge listeners to a Listening Test:
Explore our therapeutic music samples.
Choose music tracks that resonate for you; body, mind and spirit.  

Try the music for 30 days, listening at least 20 - 120 minutes, 
several times per week.
Feel and enjoy the music at least 5 hours each week.

Be creative with your process with the music.

Sometimes, meditate to the music.
Sometimes, dance or move.
Sometimes write.
Do homework or
creative work.
Make art.
. . .
Do what is most healing for you.

See what you notice. 

Take notes on your experiences with the music.
Look for both subtle and blatant differences in how you feel
and how your life moves and flows.

Look for changes like;

  • an increased ability to relax deeply, more quickly and easily,
  • increased mental clarity or creative flow,
  • increased stability, groundedness and inner strength,
  • increased confidence, ease and joy of life.

° Restore your natural rhythms.  Be refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated.

° Come on a journey where music becomes a catalyst for the transformation of getting to know yourself more intimately. The music can enhance intuitive awareness as it speaks at subtle, instinctive levels.

° Change the atmosphere of your life and your life will change.

° Partake of an enjoyable method, supportive to you and your healing process. Tap into the music any time you need, day or night.

° Take a more active role in your health and well being, choosing music to support you in cultivating wholeness and a sense of peace, ease, greater self confidence and self knowing, tapping a higher potential, encouraging creativity and flexibility to realize your dreams in life.

Become the music you are meant to be.

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so come back and check us out again.

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Let us know how it goes.
We would love to hear from you
about your experience with the music.

Thank you for visiting Face the Music.

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